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DNA and Genetics

Each individual has a unique genome (see Glossary for definition of terms). The genetic information in your genome is determined by the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) sequence in each chromosome. Half of your chromosomes are derived from your mother and half from your father. Your unique genome is largely responsible for your appearance and many other traits. Biomedical research has established that your genome also contributes to your health, how various environmental factors affect you, your susceptibility to various diseases and how you respond to medications.  Your genome holds explanations of many of the unique strengths and weakness that make you an individual.  We at Genomic Express believe that your genetic information is your personal property, and that you have a right to confidentially obtain and control use of this information.  Your personal genome may be your most valuable asset, and the mission of Genomic Express is to help you obtain, understand and maximize the value of your genomic information.

The Genomic Revolution

Technological innovations in the mid 1970's led to methods of isolating specific regions of DNA from complex genomes and determining their chemical structure (see Glossary for definition of terms). This culminated in the determination of the complete DNA sequence of the human genome, which was formally announced in April, 2003. The code of the human genome consists of over 3 billion "letters" (called bases; either A, T, G or C) of DNA, and the entire sequence is now known. The human genome includes approximately 20,000 different genes that encode proteins. Although the genomes of all humans are almost identical, there are minor DNA sequence variations in each individual (between 1% and 3% of the total DNA) that makes their genome unique. These DNA sequence variations give each of us our unique personal characteristics.

The Genomic Revolution

The new tools of molecular biology and molecular genetics have also greatly advanced the medical sciences. Increased knowledge of biological systems has led to a much deeper understanding of both human health and disease. This has led to the discovery and development of targeted therapeutics that are more specific than traditional pharmaceutical drugs. There are several such therapeutics that have already received FDA approval, and many more will become available in years to come. It is estimated that nearly half of the new medications in development are targeted drugs. The majority of these will be prescribed to individuals based on their own genetics. These and future developments will revolutionize human health care. In addition to improving medical care, the new era of genomics can allow each individual to lead a healthier life based on their personal genetics. Such proactive use of genomic information can decrease the necessity of future medical interventions. Individuals can also utilize genomic information to improve many other aspects of their lives.

At Genomic Express, we believe that your genetic information is your personal property. You are entitled to confidentially obtain and maintain control of your genetic information. There are numerous ways knowledge of your own genetics can benefit you. We formed Genomic Express to bring the power of personalized genomics directy to individuals. We want to empower you to take advantage of your unique genome to live a healthier, more productive life. The mission of Genomic Express is to help you obtain, understand and maximize the value of your genomic information.

Genetic Testing

A genetic test determines whether there are any alterations in the sequence of a specific gene or region of DNA (see Glossary for definition of terms). Although the genomes of all humans are very similar, it is these minor DNA sequence variations that make each of us unique.

 By undergoing genetic testing, you can obtain detailed information about your own genes that are relevant to your ancestry, inherited traits, and how your lifestyle may affect your health and well-being. Additionally, genetic tests can provide important medical information relevant to disease susceptibility and health management.  The results of these genetic tests can be interpreted for you by qualified scientists and genetic counselors or your physician. This can give you information for disease prevention, more effective medical treatments, improved health and peace-of-mind.

 A description of the various categories of genetic tests we offer are described in the Genomic Express link below.  For a concise list of tests and services we currently offer, see Tests We Offer.

Personalized Genomics

We now know that an individual's health, response to environmental and lifestyle factors, susceptibility to diseases/syndromes and response to medications/therapies are greatly affected, and in some cases determined, by their own unique genetic profile. Many of the genetic variations (DNA sequence alterations) that contribute to this have been identified in recent years, and new genetic determinants are continuously being discovered. This genetic information is increasing at an exponential rate, and will serve as the basis for personalized medicine in the future. "Personalized medicine" refers to managing an individual's health, exposure to environmental and lifestyle variables, disease prevention and effective use of medications based on information in that individual's genome. In the 2015 U.S. State of the Union Address, President Obama announced creation of the Precision Medicine Initiative, which provides an initial $215 million in research funding to the U.S. National Institutes of Health.  

In addition to leading to the new era of personalized medicine, advances in genomics are revealing a wealth of genetic information that is relevant to other aspects of our lives.  These include genetic effects on an individual's performance in a variety of activities and how we respond to common environmental exposures, including foods and drinks we consume.  These types of genetic tests are described in the Inherited Traits and Lifestyle categories of our Genetic Tests section.    

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