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Genomic Express provides genetic testing and other genomic services for the new era of personalized genomics.

The Genomic Express molecular genetics laboratory in Westlake Village, CA is a California and U.S. Federal government licensed clinical laboratory (Accreditations/Certifications). Our current genetic tests and services fall into several broad categories. These are briefly described below.

Personal Genomic Information :

  • Inherited Traits. We all have unique attributes, and specific variants in your genome contribute to your personal characteristics. Obvious examples are eye, skin and hair color, but there are other more subtle personal characteristics that are genetically determined. For example, there are genetic variants which are predictive of male pattern baldness and a recent study determined that people have different sensitivities to pain depending on which variant of a specific gene they carry. Genetic variations associated with certain types of athletic ability have also been identified. As these and other genetic variants are discovered and scientifically validated, Genomic Express will provide access to testing in our CLIA certified laboratory through this web site.
  • Lifestyle. There are many things in our environment, including foods and drinks we consume, that may have beneficial or harmful effects. You may be more or less susceptible to positive and negative effects based on your individual genetics. Knowledge of your personal genetics allows you to modify your lifestyle for improved health. These genetic tests appear in the Genetic Tests >> Lifestyle section of our site.

Medical Genetic Tests:

These genetic tests pertain to susceptibility to diseases, response to medications and therapies, and other aspects of medical management. All genetic tests are performed in our CLIA certified molecular genetics laboratory (Accreditations/Certifications). Medical genetic tests currently offered appear in the categories listed under Genetic Tests >> Medical link in the navigation bar. These tests fall in the general classifications listed below.

  • Family history. Inherited susceptibility syndromes are characterized by an increased incidence (compared to the general population) of a certain disease within a family. These are caused by genetic mutations inherited from one or both parents. By undergoing genetic testing, individuals with a family history of these diseases can determine whether they are at increased risk. This knowledge will permit these individuals to pursue various medical options which may prevent or reduce the severity of the disease.
  • Individual susceptibility. Because of their unique genetic makeup, some individuals may be at an increased risk for a specific health problem. This may be true without any apparent family history. In cases where the genetic basis is known, genetic testing can be used to counsel susceptible individuals to make appropriate lifestyle modifications our medical interventions to reduce disease risk.
  • Pharmacogenetics. Many people take prescription medications to treat existing disease and/or to prevent future health problems. People respond to medications differently based on their unique genome. For any indivdual, a particular medication may be effective or ineffective for the intended use. In cases where a medication is effective for an individual, genetics may also determine which dose is optimal. Pharmacogenetic testing can thus be used to match individuals to the proper medication and the correct dosage. This process can reduce the incidence of side effects and improve health through more effective medication.

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