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DNA testing can provide information about your ancestry. These genetic tests allow you to reconstruct your family history and determine the geographic origins of your ancestors. Family history is usually studied by personal recollections, surname analysis and written birth, marriage and death records. This information can be used to reconstruct several generations of your family history, but usually for not more than two hundred years in the past. In contrast, ancestry genetic tests can trace your genealogy far earlier, dating back tens of thousands of years to times which predate written records. Furthermore, you may be able to determine how closely related you are to others who have undergone the same ancestry genetic testing.

Ancestry genetic tests are marketed by over 25 different companies, with over 1.000,000 individuals having already purchased a test. While these genetic tests provide useful genealogic information, there are many differences between the products offered by these companies. This is because ancestry genetic testing is a an evolving discipline of genetics, based on continuing advances in genomics. There are a variety of test methodologies employed, and different public and private DNA sequence databases are utilized to reconstruct genealogic ancestries. For any ancestry genetic test you may take, it is important to understand what information is generated as well as the level of uncertainty in the interpretation of the results. The American Association of Human Genetics (ASHG) released a statement on of Ancestry genetic testing. It discusses both ancestry genetic testing for consumers interested in their genealogy as well as the relationship of genetic ancestry to individual and population health. This scholarly article summarizes the current state of ancestry genetic testing and its use commercially and in medicine. Both the potential of the field, and limitiations of current methods and databases, are considered. To read the entire report, follow the link below.

ASHG - Ancestry Testing Statement

Genomic Express has conducted a thorough review of the scientific literature regarding ancestry genetics. Within this framework of current knowledge, we next evaluated the genetic testing methods and databases utilized by the nearly 30 companies offering ancestry genetic tests. As a result of this analysis, Genomic Express has selected Ancestry.com as a preferred provider of ancestry genetic tests. Ancestry.com has the internet's largest collection of historical records and searchable databases for ancestry/genealogy research. You may evaluate these services by following the link below:


Ancestry.com also provides high quality DNA testing for maternal and paternal lineages. These genetic methods of ancestry determination are described on our Ancestry Genetic Tests page, and we negotiate the best prices for combined maternal and paternal lineage testing. We provide access to these tests here on our site, and when you decide to purchase a test you will be directed to DNA.Ancestry.com. to purchase your test. Ancestry.com will send your DNA testing kit, perform the genetic test and provide your ancestry report.


The genetic knowledge about ancestry/genealogy continues to improve, with new testing methods and databases being developed. Genomic Express continues to review this research in order to identify additonal ancestry DNA testing methods. As high quality and useful new ancestry testing methods are developed, these services will be made available here on our website. Please contact us if you wish to learn more about these activities at Genomic Express.


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