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There are two common versions of the ACE gene that differ by the presence (insertion; I) or absence (deletion; D) of a 287 base pair DNA element.  This insertion is in a non-coding portion (intron) of the gene, and thus does not affect the protein structure.  However, levels of expression are different, with the D allele producing more ACE protein which results in higher levels of angiotensin II and increased vasoconstriction.  The I and D alleles of the ACE gene are approximately equally represented in the general population, indicating that there are not harmful effects of either variant.  There are three possible ACE genotypes, I/I, I/D and D/D.  A number of scientific studies have shown that individuals with one or two copies of the I allele have improved athletic endurance ability.  

 When you undergo genetic testing with Genomic Express, we will determine and report your ACE genotype.  Your comprehensive report will include an explanation of how your ACE genotype affects athletic ability and performance.  This information is useful for choosing a sport, or field position within a sport, where you are more likely to excel,.  Importantly, this knowledge can allow you to design optimal training programs. 

Let Genomic Express help you learn more about your own genetics for choosing an optimal approach to sports and athletic training.


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