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Many things in our environment, including the foods and drinks we consume, can have beneficial or negative effects on our health and well-being. There are genetic determinants in these responses, meaning that individuals respond differenty to these same exposures. Some people may derive greater benefit, or be subject to greater risk, from common environmenal exposures based on their unique genome. When armed with knowledge of their own genetics, people can alter their lifestyle to improve their well-being, limit future health problems, and generally improve their quality of life.

Diet Sensitivities

Individuals can have different responses to common dietary ingredients. Scientific and medical research has demonstrated that some people increase their risk for future health problems by consuming certain dietary components, or increased amounts of these components.  Follow the links below to learn more about genetic variations that affect your response to common dietary components, and the tests offered by Genomic Express.


People have different nutritional requirements to maintain optimal health. Much of this variable response is genetically determined. With the knowledge of how your personal genetics affects diet and nutrition, you can make better decisions about healthy living.

Follow the link below to learn more about genetic variations that affect your nutrition and the tests offered by Genomic Express.

Weight Management

Genetic variations affect an individua'ls response to dietary components, and nutritional requirements for optimal health (above). Genetic variations also contribute to how dietary components affects an individual's weight gain (or loss). You can utilize this genetic information for more effective weight management and health.

Regular exercise is generally good for everyone. Individuals, however, respond differently to exercise based on their own genetics. Knowledge of these genetic variants can help you optimize the effects of exercise on your health. This information can also be useful for competitive athletes to optimize their performance.

Follow the link below to learn more about genetic variations that affect your weight, and the tests offfered by Genomic Express.

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