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You can enjoy additional features and benefits when you register to become a Genomic Express member. When logged in, you will see an additional drop-down menu on the right titled "My DNA Site". This is where your pending orders and comprehensive test results will be posted. Additional information and features, available only to registered members, will be available in that section of the site.

The public pages on our site have general information on genetic testing and genomics that is presented for all visitors. Similar, but more comprehensive, information will be available in the "My DNA Site" section when you register as a Genomic Express member.

You can become a member simply by registering on our site. Once you register as a member with a valid e-mail address, you will be able to log-in using your chosen Username and password. This will enable you to access additional features which we are constantly updating and expanding. Once logged in, you will be able to view your private and secure orders, test results and additional content via the "My DNA Site" section in the menu bar.


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