Welcome to Genomic Express

Welcome to Genomic Express - Genetic Testing and Personalized Genomics

Genomic Express offers genetic tests and genomic services that:

  • Are scientifically and medically valid, and employ state of the art technology.
  • Provide clear results with comprehensive test reports.
  • Are actionable- there are positive steps you can take based on your test result.
  • Are confidential, secure and cost-effective.   Tests/Services Offered

At Genomic Express, we believe that your genetic information is your personal property. There are numerous ways knowledge of your own genetics can benefit you. Learn more more about how Genomic Express can help you and your family through recent advances in genetics and genomics.  

The mission of Genomic Express is to help you confidentially obtain, understand and maximize the value of your genomic information. 

Genomic Express is a California and U.S. Federal government licensed clinical laboratory (Accreditations/Certifications).

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