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Lifestyle- Weight Management

People have differences in metabolism and nutrition requirements for optimal health (Lifestyle- Nutrition).  Because of this, they respond differently to components of our diet.  Since people respond differently to foods, what they eat will affect their weight and body mass index (BMI) differently.  Much of this variable response is genetically determined.  By learning what genetic variants you have, you can customize your diet to achieve your desired BMI goals.

Genomic Express is currently researching and developing a number of genetic tests for weight management.  The two initial panels in late stage development are described in the links below.  When these tests are completely validated, they will be available through these pages on our website.  If you have any questions about these tests currently in development, please do not hesitate to contact us

Some genetic variations contribute to how dietary components affects an individual's weight gain (or loss).  You can utilize this genetic information for more effective weight management and health. 

 Regular exercise is generally good for everyone.  Individuals, however, respond differently to exercise based on their own genetics. Knowledge of these genetic variants can help you optimize the effects of exercise on your health.  This information can also be useful for competitive athletes to optimize their performance.

These tests are in development/validation.  If you would like more information, plese contact us.

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