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The misssion of Genomic Express, Inc. is to facilitate personalized genomics by providing customized genetic tests and genomic services directly to individuals. We at Genomic Express believe that your genetic information is your personal property, and that you have a right to confidentially obtain, understand and control use of this information. Furthermore, genetic testing is a new and very rapidly growing area of biomedical research. Therefore, Genomic Express has adopted the following guidelines to ensure that we provide responsible and reliable genetic testing services of the highest quality.

  • Offer only genetic tests that Genomic Express staff and our outside scientific/medical advisors determine are scientifically and medically valid.
  • Provide complete transparency with regard to the scientific and medical validity of the genetic tests and genomic services offered. This includes detailed descriptions on our website of the tests/services offered which reviews, in a manner comprehensible to the general reader, scientific and medical studies published in peer-reviewed journals. Literature references to the most relevant publications are included on our website. Individual test results, provided in a confidential and secure manner to registered Members who have undergone genetic testing, include a more comprehensive review of the scientific/medical literature with additional references.
  • Offer only high quality validated genetic tests that employ the most sophisticated technologies. All medical genetic tests are performed in our CLIA-certified laboratory. CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) is a U.S. government certification process to ensure that laboratories performing medical tests comply with guidelines and meet standards for quality
  • Obtain written informed consent from all consumers undergoing medical genetic testing. This will ensure that each individual is aware of the benefits, potential risks and limitations of each test.
  • Ensure confidentiality in all aspects of genetic testing. Comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Maintain a secure network and databases to ensure confidentiality of all consumers' medical and genetic information. Offer anonymous genetic testing if desired by the individual. Release genetic test results only to the individual tested, and only to others when specifically authorized by that individual.
  • Provide comprehensive written reports of test results. Provide access, when requested, to qualified genetic counselors for medical genetic test interpretation and followup counseling. Work with the individual's personal physician or other medical professionals and health insurer if so desired by the consumer.

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