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Genomic Express provides clinical interpretation of sequence variants in human genomic DNA. This interpetation and reporting is done in two ways:

1.  Genetic tests performed by Genomic ExpressIn this mode, individuals purchase a genetic test through our website . A collection kit is sent to the customer which the customer uses to collect cheek cells (buccal swab) and returns to our laboratory. Genomic DNA is purifed and the genetic test performed with the results being posted to the customer's personal and secure GenomicExpress.com account. For a concise list of genetic tests we currently offer, see Tests/Services Offered.

2.  Interpretation of existing DNA sequence results. In this mode, the customer has had a genetic test performed by a different laboratory and obtained the appropriate DNA sequence file. The customer then uploads the file to their personal and secure GenomicExpress.com account. The customer may then order any of a number of genetic variant interpretations. The genetic variants are analyzed, a report with the clinical interpretation is generated, and we post the result to the customer's personal and secure online account. Interpretations currently available appear here. To utilize this Genomic Express service, Register as a Genomic Express member and follow the instructions to upload your DNA sequence files (Genomic Data) to your personal and secure Genomic Express account. 

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