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In addition to genetic testing services, Genomic Express provides genomic data management services.

Our Genomic Data service allows you to store your genomic DNA sequence information in your personal and secure Genomic Express online account.  This data is stored on our dedicated server which includes the following quality, security and data management functions:

  • Secure server: Transfer Layer Security (TSL) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL); SHA-256 with RSA Encryption.
  • Secure individual User accounts (Registered Members). 

By storing your genomic DNA sequences in your personal and secure GenomicExpress.com account, you have complete control over your personal genetic information. This free service is provided to registered Genomic Express Members. You may read about our policies, procedures and confidentiality of DNA sequence files that you upload under the Terms of Consent-DNA which appers when you upload a file..

Genomic Express also offers clinical interpretation of DNA sequences. The interpretations can be ordered for uploaded DNA sequence files through our website. Specific genetic variants are analyzed, a report with the clinical interpretation is generated, and the result is posted to the customer's personal and secure online account. A concise list of clinical interpretations appears under DNA Sequence Variant Interpretation.

We currently support the following DNA sequence file formats:

  • 23andMe.com           Upload file       
  • DNA.Ancestry.com    Upload file
  • FamilyTreeDNA.com  Upload file

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