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How Our Testing Works

Genomic Express provides, here on our website, information about genomics and genetic testing. This includes general educational materials, information about new genetic discoveries and new genetic tests under development.

For genetic tests that we offer, Genomic Express provides the following resources:

  • Information about the personal trait, lifestyle, health or medical condition for which the test is relevant.
  • Information and tools, including online questionaires, to help you decide whether a particular test is appropriate and would be useful for you.
  • What information the genetic test can (and can not) give you.
  • Recommended actions for particular test results.
  • Online ordering of genetic tests. Once you have decided to take a test and place your order, we do the following:
    1. Set up your own Genomic Express secure, personal online account.
    2. We send you a test kit with instructions for collecting your DNA sample. This is a buccal swab which merely requires running a sterile cotton swab along the inside of your cheek.
    3. You complete the test kit and return it directly to our testing lab in the pre-paid envelope.
    4. When your test results are reported, we notify you by e-mail and you can log-on to your own secure account to view your Personal Report.
    5. Your Personal Report provides your genetic information together with an explanation of what the result means for you. This explanation is based on a comprehensive review of the scientific and medical literature, and includes citations of the original publications.
    6. For medical genetic tests, we can provide access to a qualified genetic counselor for explanation and discussion of your test results.
  • Confidentiality and security of your genetic information. Your genetic test results will be posted to your personal online account. This account is established at the time you order a test. It is password protected so that you control access to your genetic test results. Anonymous genetic testing is available if desired.
  • No genetic tests, other than the one(s) you specifically ordered, will be performed on your DNA sample. Unlike other genetic testing companies, Genomic Express does not conduct any research using your DNA. Unless you choose to use one of our other services, such as personal DNA banking/archiving, your DNA sample will be destroyed after your genetic tests are completed.

Genomic Express offers a variety of genetic tests and genomic services. These, as well as tests and services that are currently under development and will be offered at a future date, are described in detail in the Genetic Tests and Genomic Services links.

A concise list of the genetic tests that we currently offer can also be viewed by following this link: Tests We Offer

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