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DNA and Genetics

Each individual has a unique genome (see Glossary for definition of terms). The genetic information in your genome is determined by the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) sequence in each chromosome. Half of your chromosomes are derived from your mother and half from your father. Your unique genome is largely responsible for your appearance and many other traits. Biomedical research has established that your genome also contributes to your health, how various environmental factors affect you, your susceptibility to various diseases and how you respond to medications.  Your genome holds explanations of many of the unique strengths and weakness that make you an individual.  We at Genomic Express believe that your genetic information is your personal property, and that you have a right to confidentially obtain and control use of this information.  Your personal genome may be your most valuable asset, and the mission of Genomic Express is to help you obtain, understand and maximize the value of your genomic information.

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