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A genetic test determines whether there are any alterations in the sequence of a specific gene or region of DNA (see Glossary for definition of terms). Although the genomes of all humans are very similar, it is these minor DNA sequence variations that make each of us unique.

 By undergoing genetic testing, you can obtain detailed information about your own genes that are relevant to your ancestry, inherited traits, and how your lifestyle may affect your health and well-being. Additionally, genetic tests can provide important medical information relevant to disease susceptibility and health management.  The results of these genetic tests can be interpreted for you by qualified scientists and genetic counselors or your physician. This can give you information for disease prevention, more effective medical treatments, improved health and peace-of-mind.

 A description of the various categories of genetic tests we offer are described in the Genomic Express link below.  For a concise list of tests and services we currently offer, see Tests We Offer.

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