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Inherited Traits

Your Characteristics

Many of our personal traits are inherited from our parents. The most obvious are eye and hair color as well as skin tone. Listed below are genetic tests for inherited traits that we currently offer.  Genomics research has, and contiues to, identify genetic determinants of personal traits. Such information may be useful to individuals, and when such observed correlations become scientifically validated, Genomic Express will make the genetic tests available here on our website. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about these developments at Genomic Express.

Athletic Performance

Physical fitness and athletic ability is a complex characteristic that is influenced by a large number of environmental, genetic and individual factors. Clearly, one's own physical fitness is greatly influenced by their exercise and diet/nutrition practices. Recent advances in genomics and genotyping are beginning to identify genetic variations that contribute to various aspects of athletic performance. Follow the link below to learn more about the genetics of athletic performance and tests offered by Genomic Express.

Dermatology- Skin

Individuals have many differences in their skin, the most notable being skin tone and skin texture. There are more subtle differences including response to sunlight and moisture. Much of this variable response is genetically determined. Kowledge of genetic variants that affect your skin can allow you to be more proactive in skin care and health. Follow the link below to learn more about genetic variations that affect your skin, and the tests offered by Genomic Express.

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