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Genomics and genetic testing is a new, exciting and very rapidly growing science and technology.  There are currently over 3,500 genes for which clinically valid tests could be offered, and more are being discovered each week.  Whenever you undergo genetic testing, DNA needs to be purified (usually from a buccal swab collected by rubbing cheeks inside your mouth).  This biochemical procedure generally yields much more DNA than is necessary to complete the genetic test.

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When you undergo genetic testing with Genomic Express, we only perform the specific test(s) you ordered and then destroy your DNA sample.  If you believe you may undergo additional genetic testing in the future, it may be advantageous for you to store your purified DNA.  At your request, we will archive your DNA in our secure molecular genetics laboratory.  Access to archived DNA is restricted, and you will have complete control over use of your DNA.  When you choose to have addtional genetic tests performed, you will receive a 25% discount on any test performed by Genomic Express. DNA banking thus eliminates multiple sample collections and DNA purifications, and facilitates future genetic testing, with you maintaining complete control of your DNA.


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