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2008 Genomic Express Launches Internet Website

July 15, 2008

Genomic Express, Inc. (Westlake Village, CA) announced today the launch of the Company's internet website www.GenomicExpress.com.  Genomic Express is a personalized genomics company that provides genetic testing and other genomic services directly to individuals via the internet. 

The launch of www.GenomicExpress.com provides a valuable new resource for genomic information.  Genomics and personalized medicine is a new and rapidly developing science that will profoundly affect healthcare and many other aspects of our lives.  Over 1,500 different genes have been scientifically identified for which genetic tests may be developed, and this number will increase dramatically in the future.  Genomic Express offers scientifically and medically validated genetic tests that provide a clear result and are actionable.  There are positive actions individuals can take based on these genetic test results to decrease the likelihood of future health problems or improve many other aspects of their lives. 

This decade has witnessed an exponential increase in knowledge of genetics and genomics.  Science magazine, published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), described "Human Genetic Variation" as the breakthrough of the year in 2007.  Recent research has demonstrated the extensive genetic variation that occurs between individuals and gives everyone their unique properties.  This has led to the availability of many new genetic tests and the new field of personalized genomics.

Because personalized genomics is new, Genomic Express provides considerable background information and educational resources to help individuals understand the underlying science.  Visitors to www.GenomicExpress.com are provided the information necessary to understand genetics and genomics, and how knowledge of their own genetics can positively impact their lives.  Detailed information about each genetic test is provided, including a summary of the scientific/medical research which led to development of the test, in order to help individuals decide if the test is appropriate for them.  Individuals who purchase a genetic test through Genomic Express receive, in their personal and secure online account, a comprehensive test result report.  This includes a thorough review and explanation of the scientific basis of the test, including references to the original research publications, and a full explanation of how the individual may take positive actions based on their test result. 

"We are pleased to be contributing to the new field of personalized genomics by making these new genetic tests available directly to consumers via the internet" stated Dr. Grant A. Bitter, the founder and CEO of Genomic Express, Inc.  "Because personalized genomics is such a new and rapidly growing field, we are committed to providing the information and educational resources necessary for individuals to understand this new science.  We believe it is important for individuals to understand the basis of personalized genomics before they purchase a genetic test, and www.GenomicExpress.com is intended to fill this need."

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