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2009 Genomic Express Introduces Genetic Counseling Service

January 5, 2009

Genomic Express, Inc. (Westlake Village, CA) announced today the introduction of its new genetic counseling service.  Genomic Express is a personalized genomics company that provides genetic tests and other genomic services directly to individuals via the internet (www.GenomicExpress.com).  The company now offers genetic counseling via telephone.  The service is scheduled through the Company's website.

Genomic Express provides extensive information and educational resources on its website to help individuals understand the new field of personalized genomics.  This background information, plus the detailed information provided about each genetic test, helps individuals decide if a test is appropriate for them.  Genomic Express is committed to helping educate individuals about genetics in order that they can make informed decisions and effectively utilize their personal genomic information.  The company now offers genetic counseling to supplement the education resources of its website.

Genomic Express genetic counselors have, in addition to a B.S. degree, an M.S. degree in Genetic Counseling.  They are certified by the American Board of Genetic Counselors and the American Board of Medical Genetics.  The topics of consultation are listed on the Company's website and both pre- and post-testing counseling is available.  Individuals who wish to have genetic counseling choose a topic and request a date/time.  A mutually agreeable date and time is arranged through e-mail, and the genetic counseling occurs via telephone.

"We are pleased to be contributing to the new field of personalized genomics by making these genetic resources available directly to individuals via the internet" stated Dr. Grant A. Bitter, President and CEO of Genomic Express, Inc.  "Because personalized genomics is such a new and rapidly growing field, we are committed to providing the information and educational resources necessary for the consumer to understand this new science.  We believe it is important for individuals to understand the basis of personalized genomics before they purchase a genetic test, and to receive comprehensive test reports that fully explain their test result and how the information can be used.  We are pleased to now supplement our information/educational resources with access to qualified genetic counselors.

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