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2008 Genomic Express Releases Two New Genetic Tests

October 15, 2008

Genomic Express, Inc. (Westlake Village, CA) announced today the introduction of two new genetic tests.  The genetic tests are performed by Genomic Express in its molecular genetics laboratories located in Westlake Village, CA.  Both tests are made available directly to consumers via the Company's website (www.GenomicExpress.com).

The first test provides genetic information regarding one's potential athletic capabilities.  This test evaluates a gene that encodes a protein component of fast-twitch skeletal muscle fibers.  There are two forms of this gene, and substantial scientific evidence now indicates that the particular combination of genes an individual has contributes to his/her athletic ability.  In particular, it can be predictive of exceptional power or exceptional endurance ability.  By undergoing genetic testing for this gene, individuals may be able to choose a sport, event, or field position within a sport, in which they are more likely to excel.  In addition, this knowledge may help in designing optimal training regimes.

The second genetic test characterizes how one metabolizes caffeine.   Caffeine is present in many commonly consumed beverages (coffee, tea, sodas, power drinks) as well as chocolate and other candies.  While there may be some beneficial effects of moderate caffeine consumption, recent medical research has demonstrated some adverse health consequences of caffeine consumption to certain individuals.  Over 95% of ingested caffeine is metabolized by an enzyme encoded by one gene, and there is a very common variant of this gene.  Over 50% of the population have this variant gene, which results in slower caffeine metabolism.  The Genomic Express genetic test determines whether individuals are normal or slow metabolizers of caffeine.  Based on the result of her/his genetic test, individuals may choose to modify their caffeine consumption to reduce the chance of future health problems. 

"We are pleased to make these new genetic tests available to the public" stated Dr. Grant A. Bitter, President and CEO of Genomic Express, Inc.  "It is actionable genetic tests such as these offered by Genomic Express that can allow people to live healthier, more productive lives.  We are pleased to be contributing to the new field of personalized genomics, and to be able to make these tests available directly to consumers via the internet."

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