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Inherited Traits- Athletic Performance- Test Summary


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All people have genetic variations that make them unique.  Some of these affect athletic ability.  By knowing which genetic variants you have, you can choose sports, field positions within a sport and/or events where your genetics give you an advangage.  Most important, you can now customize your training to take advangtage of your personal genetics and gain a competitive edge!

What tests are available?

Extensive scientifiic research has characterized how variations in two genes affect athletic performance.  Genomic Express has developed and validated genetic tests for these variants which are described below:  

Muscle Fiber Composition:  ACTN3 Genotype    

The ACTN3 gene encodes a protein present in fast-twitch muscle fibers.  These muscle fibers generate force at high velocity, but only function for short periods of time.  Fast twitch muscle fibers are involved in athletic power activities.  These include short periods of strength bursts such as those involved in sprints (all sports), jumping, throwing hard, hitting hard, weightlifting and other athletic power activities.

Nearly 40% of the population has a mutation in this gene, and do not produce the protein.  The fast twitch muscle fibers of these individuals do not produce as much power.  The decreased power in fast twitch muscle fibers of these individuals, however, is counterbalanced by the fact that they have improved endurance capability.

By taking this test, you will learn whether your muscle fibers give you an advantage in either power or endurance.  Use this information to improve and optimize your athletic performance!  

Endurance level- ACE Genotype                             

The ACE gene encodes the angiotensin I converting enzyme, a key regulator of cardiovascular function. There are two different versions of this gene (I and D), each of which is common in the general population. Individuals with one or two copies of the I form of the ACE gene have improved endurance capabilities.

By taking this test, you will learn how your ACE genotype contributes to your performance in endurance activities.  You can use this information to improve and optimize your athletic performance. 

Athletic panel:  ACTN3 plus ACE combination genotype 

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  These simple and painless tests only need to be performed once, and you will have the information necessary to optimize your athletic performance based on your genetics.  

Power or Endurance Athlete?  ACTN3 Genotype $99     but_buythisproduct.gif

Endurance level.  ACE Genotype  $99                             but_buythisproduct.gif 

Athletic panel:  ACTN3 plus ACE genotypes  $139          

Additional Information:

            This genetic test is provided by Genomic Express, Inc. for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of any diseases or disorders. Clients should consult with their own physician or other qualified health care provider for any medical or health needs.  

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