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Inherited Traits - Athletic Performance - ACTN3 - Considerations

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Muscle fiber composition:  Fast twitch, Slow twitch

When you undergo genetic testing with Genomic Express, we will determine and report your ACTN3 genotype.  This gene encodes a protein that is expressed in fast skeletal muscle fibers.  There are three possible genotypes at your ACTN3 locus:  R/R, R/X, or X/X.   Your comprehensive report will include an explanation of how your genotype affects your muscle fibers, and the implications for athletic ability and performance.  Specifically, you will learn whether you are more likely to excel in power (e.g. short bursts of strength such as sprinting, weightlifting) or endurance events.  This may be useful information for choosing a sport, or field position within a sport, where you are more likely to excel.  Using track and swimming as an example, individuals with the "power" genotype might focus more on shorter distance sprints while individuals with the "endurance" genotype might focus on longer distance events. Your genetic information will also be useful for designing optimal training programs for whichever sport, position or event you choose..


Let Genomic Express help you learn more about your own genetics in order to choose an optimal approach to sports and athletic training.

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